greenup gets a shout in arthur. thank you!

many thanks to arthur magazine+thurston moore and byron coley for the kind words about GI in their bull tongue column in the latest issue. i’ve been following this mag in various incarnations for the past 8 years or so and there is always something interesting and worthwhile in every issue.
purchase it here:

goldrush music festival 2013

we are really excited to be a sponsor of this excellent festival in denver, CO. lineup looks great
and even features our very own derek rogers. don’t miss out.

::solo tour dates april::

i have a few solo shows coming in april in and around cincinnati and the midwest, would love to see you all out and say hello;
here we go:
april 4th cincinnati @ mayday northside w/oh be joyful (jess hotchkiss from nyc/michigan, tired trails collective) and grow horns (miles uroshevich solo project)
april 14th cincinnati @ the rakes end w/mike tamburo and eric carbonara
april 16th louisville KY @ the nachbar w/charlie rivera
april 17th lafayette IN @ foam city w/sweet talk
april 18th chicago IL @camp artemis w/green pasture happiness, mt coast, graham stephenson
april 19th bloomington IN @ the bottom of the hill w/chris corsano
see you soon!

    esoterica enthusiastica
    greenup industries features limited edition vinyl focusing mostly on music of the freenoise/improv/psych variety.
    we are in covington, KY. email us if you are interested in sending demos, have questions, concerns, etc. please do not email mp3s. thanks.